Honor Among Thieves

Due to the Sliver Lining Clause in the treaty, the Thieves guild is fairly well off. As opposed to most other guilds, Talon Reach’s branch stands in the middle of the city with a gilded sign. Everyone in the city knows where it is located, and most citizens know the names of particularly successful thieves.

The noble houses pay handsomely to keep members of the guild on retainer, work is thus fairly easy to find for a member of the guild. Since each house still has thieves in retainer and the game is played, it benefits the entire city.

Masons and Carpenters are always in demand since the Lords of the Houses are constantly having their homes renovated to confuse would be thieves, Mercenaries are always recruited to help defend the Keeps, and Master Craftsmen are hired to produce traps and the like.

Preforming “side work” is strictly prohibited however. On a contract, only the associated houses can stop a thief, however if caught doing freelance work whatever punishment the king decides is fully endorsed by the Guild.

Honor Among Thieves

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